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Welcome to WW Relocation Monaco

An ever-increasing number of people are discovering the advantages of taking residence in the cosmopolitan Principality of Monaco on the Côte d’Azur, in the heart of modern Europe.

Monaco combines extremely high levels of security with a warm Mediterranean climate and world-class infrastructure, as well as a highly advantageous tax system and a growing reputation as a great place to live and do business.

At WW Relocation Monaco, we take a “one stop” approach to all your relocation needs, taking into consideration your individual requirements.

Moving to Monaco or any other country can seem like a daunting task – as a fully independent and highly dedicated relocation provider. We work closely with you to provide a seamless service for you when relocating to Monaco.

We aim to assist the client with every step of the relocation process to Monaco: from your first enquiry, through assisting with the official paperwork and organising the practicalities of the move – and finally giving you a warm welcome to Monaco itself when you arrive to take up your residency.

Why our clients choose us when Moving to Monaco:

  • We are an approved Relocation Services provider by the Monaco Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development. We are based in Monaco.
  • We are a one-stop service, handling all aspects of your Monaco relocation process
  • We have access to a network of English speaking professionals in Monaco including banks, solicitors, accountants, doctors, as well as with the International School of Monaco.
  • We provide an efficient and friendly service where the client is paramount.
  • We offer ongoing support to help our clients settle into their new surroundings, with the minimum of disruption to their normal business.

If you choose to allow www.relocation-monaco to assist you with your residency, property and banking needs in Monaco, you will not to have worry if you do not speak French. We are bi-lingual with English as the Mother tongue, with fluent French speaking capabilities to work on your behalf where required. This will give you confidence to move forward with your move to Monaco.

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