Helping You Gain Residency In Monaco

Are you considering moving to Monaco to enjoy the advantageous tax status which applies to official residents of Monaco? If so, I am here to assist with each step and requirement of the Monaco residency application process.

WWW Relocation Monaco had helped many high net worth individuals and their families apply for and gain residency in Monaco.

As a resident of Monaco, you would enjoy the advantageous tax system detailed on our web page "Advantages of living in Monaco", as well as living in a secure, international, and business friendly jurisdiction. The service I provide is efficient and friendly . I am fluent in both English and French. with an in depth knowledge of Monaco, having been resident myself for over twenty years.

I can help you with the entire residency application process and offer you a level of service which I feel is not provided elsewhere, and I will make my long established valuable network of Monaco based service providers available to you, as one of my clients.

So, how I can help you apply for and gain residency efficiently and smoothly?

My service is not just about completing the formal  requirements for would be Monaco residents and the paperwork, it also includes sharing; the wealth of knowledge I have gained when helping previous clients in applying for and gaining residency.

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Applying For Monaco Residency

Below are the most important aspects of preparing to apply for Monaco Residency for all nationalities:

  1. Assistance with establishing the required bank account in Monaco, as a first step in the residency process. This can be quite time consuming and difficult for those with no knowledge of the banking market in Monaco. I know the market well and help my clients navigate the choice of banks and the formalities of the account opening process.

  2. Assistance with making a complete search of the Monaco property market, whether for rental or purchase. I work with selected Monaco Estate agents who have a proven track record of researching the full Monaco market, whether for rental or purchase, in order to find suitable properties which match our clients parameters. From the start of the search to the signing of the rental/purchase contract, to switching utilities over, to installing wifi- my service is complete. Additional services such as arranging for interior design and furnishings are available upon request.

  3. Documentation preparation is key and I work closely with my clients to ensure that the residency application file is complete, so that at the time of the official interview everything is in good order for submission. This will avoid delays with the residency card approval process. I will arrange for the residency interview date and accompany the client to the interview. Once the interview has been held and all documents submitted, I track the residency card approval process and keep the client up to date, letting the client know when the residency card is approved and ready for collection.

  4. If required I can make introductions to our clients for Monaco Schools, Doctors, Solicitors, Accountants and other professionals whose services may be of interest. I also offer advice on the practical side of setting up your new home, help with exchanging your driving licenses once the residency cards are issued and related matters.

  5. For NON EU passport holders, there is an additional step which involves applying for a special visa from the French Embassy/Consulate in their country of residence. I will assist with the preparation for this.

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Visa D Applications

All non-EU passport holders( including UK passport holders post Brexit) must apply for a Visa D before they can apply for the Monaco Residency/Carte de Sejour .

We can fully assist with all the preparation,  the required elements and documentation for this  Visa D.  We have helped many clients to apply for and acquire this Visa. It can be quite a complicated and confusing procedure and we have the experience to manage the full process. Many companies who offer Monaco Residency services do not have the knowledge required to successfully apply for and get this Visa D approved.

All NON EU Passport holders must apply for the Visa D in their country of official residence, in preparation for the Monaco Residency application. This Visa must be applied for and approved /stamped in the applicant’s passport PRIOR to the Monaco Residency /Carte de Sejour application.

The Visa D takes three months to be applied for/approved and issued and this must be completed before the start of the Monaco Residency process. The Monaco Residency process will take approximately 4-6 weeks once the Visa D is stamped in the applicant’s passport.

We specialise in applying for the Visa D for our Monaco Residency clients, fully assisting from the start with the establishment of the required bank account in Monaco ( we have an excellent network of the leading banks in Monaco), helping our clients search for and find a property to rent or buy, another requirement to be completed for the Visa D application, all documentation and completing the online application ,submitting the documents and are then able to select an appointment at the Visa processing centre closest to the applicant’s home ( normally in capital/major cities in their home country).

Once all documents have been submitted to the relevant Visa centre, the file is then forwarded to the French Consulate in the same country and eventually reaches the Monaco Residency Office in Monaco for the approval process . This will take three months therefore sufficient time must be allowed for to complete this step.

Upon approval of the Visa D, the French Consulate will stamp the Visa In the applicant’s passport which then enables us to move forwards with the Monaco Residency application in Monaco.

We have hands on, excellent experience with both the Visa D and Monaco Residency applications and can assist you each and every step of the way, from the very beginning to the issuance of the Monaco Residency card/Carte de Sejour.

Contact us now so that we can begin your Monaco Residency journey with you, to fulfil your Monaco Residency goals in a professional, efficient and friendly manner.

I hope that you find this website packed with useful information and look forward to helping you with your considered move to Monaco.

Fee quotations are available upon request and subject to whether applying as an individual/family or company.

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