Can you become a citizen of Monaco?

The short answer is NO!

There are several companies who have websites “selling“ their global citizenship and residency services for Monaco. However, Monaco DOES NOT offer citizenship, and it cannot be “purchased”.

Also, there are not any "investment schemes” available, or any citizen programmes available in Monaco as there are elsewhere, such as in Malta, Cyprus, Austria, St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Dominica.

Other than being born in Monaco, or in rare cases the Sovereign of Monaco, may bestow cistizenship, then it is impossible to attain citizenship in Monaco, and you can only apply for 'Residency in Monaco'.

Monegasque citizens are those individuals holding Monegasque passports since their birth. In rare cases the Sovereign of Monaco, may bestow Monegasque nationality upon an individual or family, for example for exceptional contributions to the Principality and its citizens. A child born to Monegasque parents will be a Monegasque citizen.

The population of Monaco is small, there are approximately 7,000 Monegasque citizens (individuals born in Monaco to Monegasque parents ), and 45,000 residents, who are individuals and familes who have applied for and been approved as residents of Monaco, and who hold passports from EU and non-EU countries.

Inviduals of both EU and non-EU nationality may however apply for Monaco residency. This process will take between 6-9 months subject to the passport held by the applicant(s).

Please go to the page 'How to apply for Monaco residency'' to obtain fully detailed information on how to apply for Monaco residency, the benefits of Monaco residency, information relating to establishing a bank account in Monaco, renting or buying a property in monaco, the formal residency application process and details of our comprehensive Monaco residency services.

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