Bal de la Rose- a Russian themed ball

The very glamourous Bal de la Rose will once again be held in the world famous Salles des Etoiles at the Sporting complex in Monaco on March the 29th 2014. This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Princess Grace Foundation and will be themed on a Russian Ball , paying hommage to Kazimir Malevitch who was pivotal in the Constructivism era, an  artistic, architectural and spiritualist period of the early 19th Century in Russia. Once again Karl Lagerfeld will use his extraordinary artisitic talent to bring the Salles Des Etoilles to its'' glory, with the entire room decorated in the style which portrays the Russian theme of the Constructivism period.

The Monaco Royal Prince and Princess will preside over the ball with HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover . For tickets please apply to the SBM in Monaco. ( Societe Bain des Mers).

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