Monaco Expands Its Coastline And Territory!

Monaco currently only has 2sq km of land upon which to house all its citizens and residents and to provide all of the the facilities they require, such as the Princesse Grace Hospital and numerous medical clinics, schools, churches, apartments and houses, offices, public parking ,supermarkets, shops, hotels and restaurants . These are the minimum needs of its citizens and residents. Monaco now needs more land to meet the needs of its growing population.

For the second time in the last thirty years, Monaco has started a very ambitious project of reclaiming land from the sea along its coastline- this time it is in the Larvotto Beach area, with the last land reclamation project having formed what is now the very popular area of Fontvielle, with its own marina, restaurants, bars and numerous apartment and office buildings, the commercial shopping centre, the sports stadium, and the heliport.

With the new € 2.3 billion, six hectares extension project, named as the L’anse Du Portier, or Portier Cove,the challenges are immense. The Sovereign has a hands on interest in this eco project, following its progress closely. Cutting edge technology is required to deliver this offshore eco-district extension to the principality, with highly trained class 11 a divers carrying out crucial underwater tasks, since the project began in 2015. The maritime infrastructure will consist of a “ fill” (seawall) enclosed by 18 reinforced concrete “caissons” which will serve as the base for the new eco area of L’anse Du Portier. This massive project will create 650,000 sq ft of residential and commercial space. The main contractor is Bouyges, the french firm with leading specialist companies and architects involved in the design and development, which is scheduled for completion in 2025.

The Larvotto Beach area, Monaco’s main recreation area for its residents and visitors, is due to be closed for works to  improve the promenade and beach area, at the end of the summer of 2019 and will reopen briefly for a few months next summer befor reclosing, for the winter, with the permanent repeopening of the beaches scheduled for spring 2021.

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