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Property in Monaco for Sale

The property market for buying and selling properties in Monaco remains active, with the rental market being very fluid, and attractively priced properties moving quickly. 

The Monaco real estate market is open to all types of investors, whether they reside in Monaco or not. If you wish to buy property in Monaco purely as an investment, as many clients do, you can buy and rent out your Monaco property if you wish, to produce a rental income. There is a general shortage of rental properties currently available in Monaco, so demand is good. Monaco rental properties are being quickly snapped up, due to the high number of persons applying for Monaco residency and needing to rent a home, which is a condition for residency being granted. You may however, choose to live in your Monaco property yourself whether as a resident of Monaco, or if not a resident, to have this as a wonderful holiday home in Monaco. The superb Mediterranean climates, high security, international environment, the beautiful surrounding coastline in the area and of course the advantageous tax system for Monaco residents, all support the prices of property in Monaco.

WW Relocation can assist and guide clients considering buying property in Monaco. We carry out a property search, based upon your parameters/guidelines, researching property in Monaco for sale which may match these criteria and sending you a shortlist of property details for your consideration. We will then arrange a schedule of viewings (when you visit Monaco) of the properties in Monaco which we consider suitable for your needs.

Where to buy Monaco property.

Property in Monaco for SaleMonaco is approximately 2 kilometers sq. and Monaco consists of different areas. Although not large in size, Monaco offers a very good array of excellent shops, restaurants, schools, and entertainment. One of the most expensive and desirable places to buy Monaco property is the Casino Square, known locally as Le Carre d’Or (Golden Triangle). This is one of the most expensive areas to either purchase or rent property in Monaco. Also the area of Larvotto( Avenue Princesse Grace) which is next to the fashionable  beaches of Monaco is very popular and prices reflect this. The Jardin Exotique at the Western entrance to Monaco, and the Quartier St. Romain at the Eastern end of Monaco, close to the Monaco Beach and Country Clubs, are also good locations with some very nice apartment buildings to choose from. Fontvielle, is a more recently developed area, built on reclaimed land, it is quite popular as close to the International school and the Monaco Heliport and can be quieter than the main part of Monaco. The area around the Port of Monaco ( Port Hercule) is a very interesting spot as there are always many wonderful yachts as well as local fishing boats moored at all times during the year with the nautical activity providing a fascinating spectacle.

How to buy property for Sale Monaco

There are many real estate agents in Monaco offering a diverse selection of properties for sale and rent in Monaco. Real estate agents in Monaco are authorized to both rent and sell property in Monaco. They must be licensed to operate in the real estate sector, and governed by the Chambre Immobiliere Monegasque. The Chambre has a duty to ensure that all real estate agents in Monaco adhere to the code of conduct for their profession. It is generally advisable to work with one or two agents as the market is small so many agents offer the same properties. WW Relocation will assist to select an appropriate agent based upon your requirements, and we work with the client and the agents  to relieve him/her of the laborious and time consuming task of searching for suitable properties, preparing a short list for the clients to visit based upon the client's property requirements and budget.

Monaco Property Values.

Monaco property prices can vary enormously based upon the location, the building and the size of the property. Most Monaco  properties for sale are apartments, (a few independent villas remain)  . The prices of property for sale in Monaco vary widely and the price per sq metre will depend upon:

  • The location of the apartment
  • Size of the apartmentThe views
  • The condition
  • The building, for example, some buildings have their own swimming pools and gymnasiums
  • Number of car parking and storage spaces (caves) available in the apartment building, attached to the property in question.

Costs of buying property in Monaco

  • Estate Agents receive 8% of the total purchase price. The purchaser will be responsible for 3% and the seller will be responsible for 5%.
  • Notary fees run at approximately 6% of the total value of the real estate in question. The fee includes stamps, registration and legal fees.

Estimates of Monaco Property Purchase Prices

Note: All prices are approximate and serve as a guide only.  Actual prices of Monaco property for sale may differ from those below, according to the size of the property, the location and property type.

Studios € 1,750,000€ 3,000,000avg size30 sq m.
1 bedroom€ 2,500,00 € 7,000,000  avg size80 sq m. 
2 bedrooms€ 3,500,000 € 12,000,000 avg size120 sq m. 
3 bedrooms€ 5,000,000 € 15,000,000 avg size165 sq m. 
4 bedrooms€ 15,000,000 € 35,00,000 avg size 
260 sq m. 

Monaco Rental Prices

All are approximate and serve as a guide only. Actual prices may differ from those below.

Note: All prices are based on calendar month. Service charges are additional and are approximately 8% of the monthly rental costs.

Rent in Monaco is paid in advance on a quarterly basis. Most property owners will require an additional security deposit paid in advance that is equivalent to 3 months of the rent.  As long as the property is left in as good a condition as when rented, the security deposit will be refundable when you move from the property.

Monaco based Estate Agents are authorized to offer rental properties in Monaco, and their fee is 10% of the yearly rent that is collected. Leases are typically renewed annually, and there will be an additional 1% that will be due and payable for any lease registration costs that may be incurred. Prices for rental property will vary depending on the location and size of the property

Studios€ 1,750€ 3,000avg size30 sq m.
1 bedroom€ 3,500€ 7,000avg size70 sq m. 
2 bedrooms€ 6,500€ 12,000avg size120 sq m. 
3 bedrooms€ 7,500€ 25,000avg size165 sq m. 
4 bedrooms€ 15,000€ 35,000avg size 
260 sq m. 

Whatever your needs are, WW Relocation can help with all of your property requirements, whether purchase, sale or rentals. We offer a one stop service whereby we work with selected agents on your behalf, thereby cutting down unnecessary time you may have to otherwise spend making the property search.  Making a property search is very difficult for clients at a distance to achieve - WW Relocation can bridge this gap between the client, the selected agents and finding their property. We do all of the groundwork on your behalf and produce a short list of Monaco  properties, whether to buy or rent, so that all you need to do is to make a brief visit to Monaco to visit each property to help you make your decision. We will prepare an itinerary for your visit.

Property finance is also available for properties in Monaco- generally up to 50-60% of the purchase price, dependent upon the value, location and condition of the property and the collateral you have available to place with the bank making the loan. The collateral held with the bank may be invested in a conservative strategy (the bank will assist with this) which will help to offset the cost of the loan interest. The more collateral you have to invest, the more you can borrow to finance your property.

If you require further information about relocating to Monaco, properties in Monaco for purchase or to rent, please do not hesitate to contact us . We will be pleased to provide any assistance that you may need. 

Whether you are looking for property for sale or rent in Monaco, we can assist. We can save you time and ensure you achieve your goals.